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With Kindle Book Maker, you can create a beautifully formatted Kindle book that can be published on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

Kindle Book Maker is a unique, online-based application that simplifies Kindle book creation. Find out what you can do with Kindle Book Maker in our tutorials.

Why would you want to publish your book on Amazon?

The Kindle book market isn’t resting one bit. A good book with a good strategy can be very fruitful. Many people think about writing a book or publishing it on Amazon, but they have trouble figuring out how to do it, or they don’t want to spend too much money to start.

The result is:

  • They don’t publish their book.
  • They waste a lot of time writing the book.
  • They lose money.
  • They let others exploit the Kindle book market
  • complete the list…

But when they decide to do so, they have difficulty finding a solution to create their Kindle Book. It is not easy to find a simple and affordable solution. That’s why Kindle Book Maker could be the solution. It is completely online-based and very simple and at the same time very powerful.


  • You will create a professional looking book without downloading any software.
  • You will export a file that you can upload to Amazon straight away.
  • You pay only once and have full access for life.
  • and more…

Sign up now and try all the features of Kindle Book Maker with the help of tutorials. If you are sure Kindle Book Maker is for you, you can upgrade your account with a simple click to get access to your Kindle book file, export it and publish your book!