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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kindle Book Maker?

Kindle Book Maker is a 100% web-based application that allows you to create a Kindle Book ready to be published on Amazon. It is easy and It does not require any special knowledge.

Can I convert my Word Document with Kindle Book Maker?

No. Kindle Book Maker is not a conversion tool, it’s a software that allow you to create an HTML Kindle Book by creating content directly with Kindle Book Maker or by Copying and Pasting your existing content.

Can I insert images in my Kindle book?

Yes! You can insert as many images as you like with Kindle Book Maker.

Why does Kindle Book Maker use HTML format?

Because HTML is the most flexible and customizable format for your Kindle Book. However, it can be difficult to use this format if you are not proficient in HTML.

Kindle Book Maker makes it easy to create your HTML Kindle Book.

How do I upload my Kindle Book on Amazon once my book completed?

Once your book is completed, you are at one click away of generating a fully compliant Kindle Book ready to be directly submitted to Amazon KDP.

What is the purpose of Kindle Book Maker?

Kindle Book Maker simplifies the process of creating a Kindle book and is usable by everyone

Can you help me?

If you have questions or If you need support, you can drop me an email at frederic[at], I will do my best to assist you on time.

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